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Repel Windproof travel umbrella.

Last updated on February 5, 2021

Umbrellas are a necessary evil for travellers, not unlike Imodium. No boutique traveller wants to pack one, but everyone knows that if they don’t, inevitably they would wish they had. A good compact umbrella is a must for every traveller, but not all umbrellas are created equal. The right umbrella can literally be the difference between making you feel like singing in the rain or putting a serious dampener on your day. A boutique traveller requires an umbrella that is good quality, compact and wind-proof.

Travel umbrellas

We’ve all seen the discarded broken umbrellas on a windy and rainy day, but there’s no need to join the ranks of these disappointed owners. Take a look at the Repel Windproof travel umbrella. It’s sturdy, compact, lightweight and easy to use with its automatic action.

A few weeks ago, 7th January 2020, to be precise, Unique Boutique Travel was staying with friends in Sydney and we were out at a local Thai restaurant for dinner. We overstayed our welcome and were subtlety shown the door just after midnight. After weeks of bone-dry weather, we were greeted with a gale-force wind and torrents of rain. It was a good ten-minute walk back to the house and the rain was coming from all directions, down, sideways and up. Fortunately, we had our Repel Windproof umbrellas, which handled the wind and the downwards and side-ways rain. By the time we got home, the legs were a bit damp, but the rest of us remained dry.

Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella.


Typically, travel umbrellas have six to eight ribs, the Repel Windproof umbrella boasts nine ribs made from flexible, resin-reinforced fibreglass. When matched with the umbrella’s robust metal frame and three-fold chrome-plated metal shaft, these ribs provide maximum wind protection without turning inside out. We had the first-hand experience of that wind-resistance on our way home from the restaurant. Despite the gale-force wind the umbrella never looked like turning inside out. The fibreglass construction is also corrosion-resistant, which increases the longevity of your investment.

The umbrella also boasts Teflon coating, which increases the umbrella’s ability to repel water so that it dries within minutes of stepping inside. The umbrella is operated using an automatic opening and closing button located on the handle. This makes it easy to use one-handed when you are carrying luggage or talking on the mobile. The handle is ergonomic and is made from slip-proof rubber and includes a wrist strap.


The umbrella weighs less than 300 grams and measures 30cm in length when folded into its protective travel sleeve. If it ever breaks Repel offers a lifetime replacement guarantee. The fact is, you are far more likely to lose the umbrella than break it. There are smaller, lighter umbrellas on the market, but none offer the windproof protection that you get with the Repel.


The Repel Windproof travel umbrella is very reasonably priced at approx. £22 on Amazon. There are of course many cheaper options, but they are not likely to be able to offer the windproof resistance of the Repel. It’s far better to invest slightly more and receive a product that will genuinely last longer and perform better. Try a Repel Windproof travel umbrella and improve your boutique travel experience.

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